The Massachusetts’ eviction moratorium, which is credited with delaying “tens of thousands” of evictions in the state expired October 17. Many landlords will start eviction processes for tenants who are behind on rent. There’s a lot of confusion about the federal eviction moratorium that’s now in place and what’s expected of tenants. What we know right now, is that for tenants to qualify for protection under the federal government’s moratorium, a tenant must apply for all available financial assistance and complete a declaration notice. Both the financial assistance application form and the federal declaration form are available on our website.

It is important for renters to understand the moratorium does not eliminate any obligation to pay rent. It only prevents tenants’ removal from the property through the end of the year. All rent is still due. Evictions can still be brought through the legal system, and removal could begin January 1.

The guidance from the Governor’s office and related eviction diversion programs is evolving and Housing Assistance is involved in regular conversations with the state about setting up these new processes and programs. Regardless of how these new programs develop, if tenants have had a loss of income or increase in expenses due to COVID Housing Assistance Corporation can help tenants obtain financial assistance today to help them pay the rent they owe. Our agency has access to federal, state, county, and local financial assistance.

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