A Housing Assistance partnership to assist homeless people recently won recognition from Duffy Health Center. Falmouth In From the Streets Partners – a joint effort by Housing Assistance, Belonging to Each Other and Falmouth Human Services – received Duffy’s Community Partner Award. The award was presented at the annual Duffy Health Center Community Breakfast, which honors those who support Duffy’s mission to provide equitable, quality health care and support services to Cape Codders experiencing homelessness.

The Falmouth In From the Streets Partners identify people who need shelter, especially during the winter, and find temporary shelter for them. The partnership has helped several hundred individuals and families in and around the Falmouth area.

“Our role is to refer the individuals we identify who are camping or sleeping in a car and to organize their transfer to hotels,” said Stéphane Ruault, outreach specialist and community liaison for Housing Assistance. “We are the boots on the ground in the Falmouth area to help people on the coldest nights of the year.”

To learn more about efforts to help Falmouth’s homeless, watch this special presentation by Falmouth Community TV.