Bright Futures Begin at Home

Our funding priorities reflect our vision of a more deeply connected network of housing services and support that enable everyone to secure a stable home, contribute to a thriving community and reach their full potential. Keep scrolling to hear how we’ve make an impact for our clients and why our community partners continue to support our work.

People Served
Program Services – Fiscal Year 2020
Affordable Housing Units Built
People Sheltered

What Our Clients Say

“Doing this was way more of a growing experience, a learning experience. It gave me so much gratitude for Housing Assistance Corporation and all the people that have been here who have helped me.”

Brittany, Home Base Shelter ClientBrittany, Home Base Shelter Client

“They held me accountable, but not in a punishing way. They just said, ‘you can be more than what you’re displaying, I see something better for you.’ And I’m just so grateful for that.”

Jamillah, Angel House Client

“It would be hard to complete the goals, especially for single moms who just need a helping hand. Everyone is at a different point in their life, but what’s great about Housing Assistance Corporation is they meet you where you are.”

Moriya, Family Self Sufficiency ClientMoriya, Family Self Sufficiency Client

“I was downhill for so long, it was depressing. You lose hope, and it’s really sad. And you see it happening to other people too. There are people living out in the woods still, but hopefully they’ll find the help that they need. You just got to give them the support. The support program is the most important thing.”

Andrew, Supportive Housing ClientAndrew, Supportive Housing Client

What Our Donors Say

Kim and Ralph Geary

The Gearys first introduction to Housing Assistance was back in the 1990s when they both served as instructors for our First-Time Homebuyers workshop. Kim, who currently works as a mortgage sales manager for Cape Cod Five, and Ralph, a retired mortgage loan officer, lent their expertise as banking professionals to the classes.

They have since deepened their involvement with Ralph volunteering his time and handyman skills to our annual Big Fix-A-Thon which provides small home repairs to veterans, seniors, and disabled homeowners in one town on Cape Cod each fall.
Together, they have supported our work as longtime donors. This year, they doubled their 2019 donation because “we believe in what Housing Assistance does,” Ralph said.
“And we know how many people it has helped,” Kim added.

Kim and Ralph Geary, Donors
Dr. William Rhodes and Margaret Hogan

“I’ve been very fortunate to be successful in life and I think we owe society a debt to help folks who can’t help themselves or just to help folks who are not as fortunate. There is an important role for everything Housing Assistance does, from helping people who are homeless to helping families trying to get into housing at a lower rent. These are all things that are so important.” –Dr. Rhodes
“When you do something like get involved with Housing Assistance, you feel like you’re benefiting people you might know.” –Margaret Hogan

Dr. Tony Rhodes and Margaret Hogan, Donors
Scott and Pat Barron

“Housing Assistance just does amazing things. Look at how many different ways they help people and how many different types of people they help. We’ve always felt that what goes around comes around. If you have the ability to help others, you should do what you can.”

Scott and Pat Barron, Donors