HAC’s Tenant Corner

EOHLC and South Coastal Counties Legal Services

For more information you can contact:

EOHLC – Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities, for rules, regulations and documentation regarding rental subsidy programs.

South Coastal Legal Services – For legal advice related to tenant rights.

The Leased Housing Department assigns tenants to the Program Representative based upon the first letter of the tenant’s last name. Please call our main phone number (508) 771-5400 and then enter the extension number for the caseworker assigned to your last name:

Section 8 Program Manager Meredith Bell ext. 247
A through K Heidi Hartnett ext. 241
L through Z Meredith Bell ext. 247
MRVP and Project Based Units Marissa Consolantis ext. 222
Intake Meg Chaffee ext. 249
Leasing Specialist Chris Ficcardi ext. 114