Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

What is FSS?

The FSS Program is a voluntary five-year employment and savings incentive program for Housing Assistance’s Section 8 housing voucher families who wish to become financially self-sufficient.

What are the benefits of participating in FSS?

The FSS Program helps families save by creating an escrow account. As your household’s earned income increases and your rent to your landlord increases, we will save a portion of it for you in escrow.

You may accrue up to $25,000 in escrow. When you graduate from the FSS program, the money is yours to use however you choose. You also may be eligible for an additional $5,000 first-time homebuyer bonus, or eligible for the Savings Match Program, where you can be eligible for up to $3 for every $1 saved if you purchase a home within two years of graduation.

What happens when you join FSS?

A case manager will help you put together a detailed plan to reach your goals, including education, employment and financial goals. We’ll help you get the advice and referrals you need to move ahead. Coaching, resources, and workshops are provided to set you on a path toward increasing your family’s financial stability.

What kind of commitment do you need to make?

This varies with each client. We’ll give you the help you need to take steps on the way to achieving your individual goals.

Are there any downsides to FSS?

No. You will not lose your rental voucher due to participation in the FSS program unless you choose to buy a house and give up your voucher. Then you’ll get your escrow and/or matched savings and an additional $5,000 homeownership bonus.

FSS participants are allowed unlimited recertifications so you can request rent adjustments as many times as you need while enrolled in the program.

If you are not able to complete the program, there are no penalties.

Do you dream of owning your own home?

Our new Homeownership Track in the FSS program is for families who want to focus on home-buying. It includes the basic FSS resources but also includes homeownership workshops, presentations from real estate agents, community tours and help with credit rebuilding to help you prepare for obtaining a high-quality mortgage. Our Homeownership Track participants are eligible for traditional escrow and some also qualify for the Savings Match Program.

What are your dreams?

I had completely given up on my dream of homeownership before FSS. You gave me hope again and now I’m living in a home in my dream neighborhood.

–Merrill Pontes, FSS Client

FSS can help you reach your personal and professional goals

The Family Self-Sufficiency program will team you up with a coach who will help you move toward the life you want. If you want to improve your education, career or financial stability, this could be the program for you.

To see if FSS is a good fit for you, send an email or call 508-771-5400 and ask for Family Self-Sufficiency.