Rent 365: Less Hassle, More Predictability

Help Solve Cape Cod’s Workforce Housing Shortage

As the regional housing agency serving Cape Cod and the Islands, Housing Assistance Corporation sees many workforce professionals struggle to find year-round housing. For this reason, Housing Assistance Corporation designed Rent 365, a special initiative to help create more year-round rental opportunities on Cape Cod.

Rent 365 provides homeowners access to free professional expertise. Our knowledgeable staff with extensive experience in the rental industry and a solid understanding of best practices specific to Massachusetts’ landlord/tenant rules work to guide homeowners every step of the way.

Developing budgets, estimating rent prices specific to neighborhood locations, tenant screening tools, property management referrals, and local permitting navigation are just a few ways Rent 365 helps homeowners transition to becoming year-round landlords. Rent 365 even provides homeowners access to a landlord-tenant attorney to answer legal questions that may surface.

Committed to helping homeowners explore year-round rental options most suitable for every situation, our Rent 365 experts are here to help.

Director of Housing Development David Quinn talks with with Michael Pierce, an attorney specializing in landlord/tenant issues.

The short videos below are broken up as follows:

  • Part 1: Eviction Moratorium
  • Part 2: Working with Tenants on Past Due Rent
  • Part 3: Documenting Problem Tenants
  • Part 4: HAC Resources for Tenants