Affordable Housing Development

Housing Assistance Corporation is one of the largest developers of affordable housing in our region, and we advocate for innovative solutions to add affordable year-round housing to our region.

We’ve built over 550 homes and apartments for rent or purchase on Cape Cod, adding critically-needed housing for families, seniors, veterans and the disabled. Our buildings are highly energy-efficient and use green materials and systems. Residential eligibility varies for our housing developments. For example, Lombard Farm in West Barnstable consists of 12 one-bedroom rental units for people 55 and older who earn 60 percent or below of Area Median Income. As an expansion of Breezy Acres in Mashpee, we’re developing 10 additional townhome rental units, all affordable to households earning 50 percent of AMI or less. Other programs are available to those earning as much as 80 percent of AMI.

In addition to our own construction projects, Housing Assistance’s regional advocacy and training programs promote the creation of affordable and workforce housing. These include legislative briefings, trainings for municipal officials and citizen advocates, publishing of housing reports, and an incentive program to encourage seasonal homeowners to convert their properties to year-round rentals.

Affordable housing not only creates homes, it creates jobs. According to the National Association of Builders, for every 100 low-income housing tax credit units that are built, 120 construction jobs and 30 permanent jobs are created.

The Housing Shortage Crisis

Land Already Developed/Protected
Yearly Rentals Demand Unmet
Existing Housing is Single-Family Homes