The Transitional Housing (Family Empowerment) Program serves as a steppingstone for clients currently in family shelter – Our shelter directors identify and refer current shelter families who could benefit from more intensive case management after transitioning out of shelter and have specific empowerment goals related to education and employment.

Program Benefits

  • Housing Assistance provides the client with housing.
  • Clients pay 30% of their household income towards their rent, while Housing Assistance subsidizes the remaining portion.
  • Clients in the program can stay in their apartment for up to two years contingent on working with the Family Empowerment Director.
Woman sits at a desk, working.

Participant Goals

The client and the Family Empowerment Director work together to create an individualized Stabilization Plan focused on six core areas. These core areas include:

  • Tenancy – Paying rent on time; working with their landlord on maintenance issues and taking steps to ensure a successful tenancy
  • Financial – Setting a household budget; rebuilding credit; establishing an emergency savings fund; connecting clients with ancillary services, including food pantries and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and taking Housing Assistance’s Money Matters course
  • Employment – Identifying obstacles to obtaining employment and strategies to addressing those obstacles and taking classes to further one’s employment opportunities
  • Home life – Connect households to supportive services to achieve a better quality of life
  • Health and wellness – Work with external resources, including Cape Cod Healthcare, Community Health Center of Cape Cod, mental health services, and substance abuse services, to ensure client and family members are receiving the care they need to remain stably housed
  • Children – Identify childcare opportunities for client

Program Contact Information

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