Launched in 2022, Housing Assistance’s new THRIVE (Tools to Help Residents in a Vulnerable Economy) program provides essential housing support for those employed in the childcare industry or those working with people with developmental disabilities. 

Every day, Housing Assistance receives calls from people who have good-paying jobs but are unable to find a place to live. “We are losing our locals faster than we are building housing for them,” said Housing Assistance CEO Alisa Magnotta. “This gap in inventory creates an affordability gap at epic proportions.” 

Innovative THRIVE Program Will Assist Cape WorkforceTHRIVE participants receive a fixed subsidy ($450 per month for up to 24 months) paid to their landlords, to help defray housing costs. Participants also work with a housing counselor to set financial goals with the intention of reducing their expenses and/or increasing their household income. 

Housing Assistance launched THRIVE after a successful pilot program in 2021 in which participants were able to reduce debt, start savings accounts, improve their credit, or create plans for eventual home ownership.