Catherine Bieri, Alisa Magnotta, and Katie Clancy at Three Fins Coffee in Dennis

Three Fins Coffee Co-owner Catherine Bieri (from left), Housing Assistance CEO Alisa Magnotta, and The Cape House Realtor Katie Clancy at Three Fins Coffee in Dennis.

For many, coffee is not only how we start our day, but how we power through it, giving us the energy we need to complete those never-ending tasks.

Now, thanks to a collaboration between Three Fins Coffee in West Dennis, and realtor Katie Clancy of The Cape House, a local brew is having a greater impact locally. Dubbed The Cape House, the blend goes to support Housing Assistance’s work with $2 from every 12-ounce or 2-pound bag —$1 each is donated by Three Fins Coffee and The Cape House — going directly back to strengthen our mission.

Earlier this year, Clancy approached Three Fins owners Catherine Bieri and Ron Reddick about partnering on a coffee that would allow them to give back to a cause that is vital to our region.

“One of our most basic needs is shelter,” Clancy said. “If you literally have nowhere to lay your head, you can’t invest your energy into other things like engaging in your family, your partner or a job.”

Bags of Three Fins Coffee's The Cape House Blend.

“Housing is so important for people in general, and very important on the Cape,” Bieri said. “We have a fundamental housing issue here.”
The trio got together to do something to address that issue, creating a coffee that is described as spicy, earthy, smoky, with wood notes. It’s a medium-bodied blend with light acidity. It took several attempts before they got the flavor they wanted.

The best part, Clancy said, is that it is raising awareness and funds to address a critically important need. “I have a deep concern for what is happening here,” she said. “That’s why I want to see the good work of Housing Assistance be supported and to see people get behind housing as a very important thing, maybe one of our region’s most important things. I want to see everybody who wants to live and work here be able to and not make housing be the reason they can’t.”