If you plan on donating to HAC before the end of the year, there is an exciting opportunity to increase your charitable donation that will put additional dollars in your pocket next tax season.

That is because HAC has roughly $25,000 in tax credits it is offering to those who double their donations beyond the $1,000 threshold.

Here is how the program works: if you donate $1,000 to HAC, you would receive $500 in tax credits that would be refunded to you in your taxes. If you were to donate $5,000, you would receive $2,500 back. And for a $10,000 donation, you would receive $5,000.

This credit would be on top of the federal tax deduction that you are allowed to deduct from your taxes.

These tax credits serve as an incentive to increase your typical donation to HAC, making your gift go further to support our housing programs that allow us to serve those most in need on Cape Cod.

If you are interested in learning more about the tax credit program, we encourage you to contact Margaret Benaka at 508-771-5400, ext. 272 or at mbenaka@HAConCapeCod.org.