Michael and Area Princi

Michael and Area Princi

When Michael Princi first started supporting Housing Assistance in the late 1970s, he volunteered his time as an attorney to help the agency obtain the necessary permitting to assist in the acquisition and creation of affordable housing.

His involvement has since expanded – over the past 29 years he has organized a holiday gift basket party every December for families in our shelters.

And in 2019, when we launched our goal to raise $1 million for the Housing Legacy Fund by our 50th anniversary in 2024, he threw his financial support behind that effort with his son Peter Princi. The pair continued their support of the legacy fund in 2020 and have committed to doing so again this year.

“It is nothing more than an extension of what I’ve been doing for the past 43 years,” Princi said of his contributions to the fund. “Affordable housing for year-round residents is a necessity for the economic success of Cape Cod.”

Since the pandemic, he said, it has become readily apparent the need for workforce housing, particularly for businesses that are struggling to find employees. “All you have to do is drive around the Cape and see painting contractors looking for people to work or listen to ads on the radio with landscape contractors begging people to apply for jobs,” he said. “If we can’t provide the affordable housing for workers, then these businesses suffer.”

While there is an immediate need for more affordable and attainable housing in our region, Princi’s gift to the legacy fund will ensure the Cape’s long-term needs can be met as well. “I think it is incumbent on as many businesses, town agencies, chambers of commerce, and individuals as possible to help Housing Assistance build this fund and support, in any way they can, the development of affordable housing and workforce housing in our region,” Princi said. “Housing is fundamental to any thriving community.”