Housing Assistance volunteer Robert Evers

In 2017, the Stratford Capital Group completed the renovation of the Coady School into a 58-unit apartment building in Bourne for residents aged 55 and older.

It was around that time that Robert Evers, who had applied for one of the apartments there and was selected for a studio, was connected to Housing Assistance. Thanks to a rental voucher, Robert will celebrate his third year in a former school that he has proudly called home since October 2017.

“This is the best apartment I ever had,” he said. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Housing Assistance.”

Last March, Robert decided to express his gratitude to our agency by serving as a volunteer. Whenever there is a mailing, Robert is there to help.

“This is the best apartment I ever had. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Housing Assistance.”

During our Volunteer & Staff Recognition last summer, Robert was recognized for his commitment with an award, made of glass, that is etched with the words, “2019 Most Dedicated New Volunteer.” It is displayed on an end table, next to his couch.

“I never got an award before,” he said, his voice booming with excitement. “I’m still stunned by it.”

At last year’s Volunteer Recognition, Housing Assistance Volunteer Coordinator Catherine Baker said the agency is “so grateful to Robert. We look forward to every time he comes into the office to help with the many mailings we have in our department for events and fundraisers. We know we can always count on Robert.”

A retired truck driver, Robert explained how volunteering helps him. “I need to get out and meet some more people,” he said. “At the same time, I’m helping out a company that does a lot for me.”