If you’re like most people, you put your spare change in a jar where it sits for years, collecting dust and going unused. Maria Brann, owner of Modern Mix, a contemporary gift shop located in Mashpee Commons, is hoping her customers will opt to put that change to better use through a program that gives back to the community.

She’s calling the program Change It Up and it allows Modern Mix’s patrons to contribute to HAC’s housing programs in a simple way. Here’s how it works: customers are given the opportunity at the register to round their change up to the next dollar. So for a hypothetical $9.15 purchase, they can opt to donate 85¢ to HAC. And Modern Mix will then match that donation.

Brann has chosen her two favorite charities, HAC and the Boys and Girls Club of Cape Cod, as the initial beneficiaries of this endeavor. “I feel personally that there but for the grace of God go any of us. A couple of bad things happen in life and you’ve found you lost your way. I find I’ve been blessed in my life,” Brann said as to why she has been a longtime, loyal donor to HAC.

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