Portside Tavern

Bob Murphy, owner of the Portside Tavern in Hyannis.

Every other week, a 40-pound box of fresh chicken arrives at Angel House, like clockwork. It’s delivered by Housing Assistance Board Member Ron Winner and donated by his friend Bob Murphy, owner of the Portside Tavern in Hyannis. 

“In life, there’s some people who need someone else to reach out to them and show them an act of kindness,” Murphy said of the tradition which began late last summer after Winner stopped into his restaurant for dinner. 

“We were sitting on the patio and Bob came out and sat down with us like he normally does,” Winner said. “We started talking about Angel House and he said, ‘How about I donate a case of chicken every other week?’ God bless him, he’s been good to his word ever since then.” 

Along with his biweekly donations, Murphy donated Thanksgiving dinner for the mothers and their children who live at the shelter. He recently did the same on Mother’s Day. 

Over the years, Winner has served as a champion for the women at the shelter who are all in recovery. “They are in one of the biggest battles of their life and I commend them for that,” he said. “They can use all the support they can get.”

It’s the type of support that Facility Director Lin Rohr said reminds clients of how much the community cares for them. 

“We’ve had family struggle with addiction issues and we really empathize with that whole situation,” Murphy said of what Angel House clients are facing. 

And as a business owner who is committed to giving back, he was eager to do his part to help the families that Angel House serves. “We’ve always held the belief that to be a part of the community, you’ve got to reach out and help others,” he said. “We look at this as a community business and feel like this is a place where we can give back and support the community.”