HAC_Book_Donation-16.jpgPatrik Barroso-Marta (left) and his younger brother Deandre donated three boxes full of children’s books to HAC’s library last month. 

“I love reading,” 10-year-old Deandre Barroso said proudly. “It feels like I’m going to a different dimension every time I read.”

Barroso, a fourth grader at Barnstable United Elementary School, made the statement at the end of April when he passed on a little of that magic to HAC clients by donating three boxes full of used children’s books to the agency’s free library.

“Some of them are mine,” his older brother Patrik, a freshman at Cape Cod Academy, chimed in.

Accompanying them was their guardian Kathleen O’Donoghue who said the two were compelled to donate the books after learning about the need through a HACbeat story shared on HAC’s Facebook page. Anyone who walks through  HAC’s doors is welcome to take as many books as they want.

The library, which was created by CEO Rick Presbrey shortly after HAC moved to its current location in 1998, relies on donations of books for children and adults. Over the years, Presbrey said, “we’ve given kids thousands of books. They are better than toys.”

To donate to the free library simply drop off books, Monday through Friday, at 460 West Main Street in Hyannis, from 9 am to 4:30 pm.