Children at Angel House received an early Christmas gift in the form of a new playground that was installed at the Hyannis shelter in November.

“This playground is such a powerful statement of care and compassion for our community,” said Angel House Director Lin Rohr.

The purchase and installation of the playground as well as a new shed to store toys, bicycles, tricycles, and balls was made possible through a $20,936 grant from the Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation.

The new playground serves as a complement to a larger one for older children. The new one is intended for children four and under. Currently, Angel House has 14 children; 10 of them are two years old or younger.

“Kids need to move. Kids need to play,” Rohr said. The playground may prove to be even more important in the coming weeks and months, depending on what happens with the pandemic. This past spring when families at the shelter had to quarantine in place, Rohr said, they didn’t have access to nearby parks, schools, or day care centers.

View of new Angel House shelter playground.

“This is something new for the children to explore,” Rohr said. “This playground is really important for our children in their development. They’ll learn how to swing, climb walls, and walk up stairs. This is all critical to their development. It looks like play, but this is how they grow.”