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Over the past seven months, Anthony has struggled to find housing on Cape Cod. “It has been a nightmare,” he admitted.

That’s why he was speechless when he was informed by Housing Assistance Project Coordinator Romy Maimon that he was selected for one of two affordable apartments at the Lofts at 57 in Hyannis.

“I never expected this,” he said at the end of last month. “I don’t have the words. It is phenomenal.”

A disabled U.S. Navy veteran, Anthony has lived on the Cape for nearly 35 years. “I’m a master boat captain so I love the ocean,” he said. “People come here to vacation and I’m already here.”

While the Cape is a paradise for many, his story shows just how difficult it can be to find housing here. He will move into his one-bedroom apartment in July, giving him the stability he sorely needs.

“To come out of this is a blessing,” he said. “Definitely a blessing. It means a lot having agencies like yours, what you’re doing for people.”