Enhanced roles position staff well to respond to anticipated increase in housing needs

September 27, 2021 – Housing Assistance Corporation is pleased to announce that Cassi Danzl has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Programs and Client services. Before and during the pandemic, Cassi did an outstanding job shepherding relationships throughout the state, ensuring uninterrupted program delivery, as well as responding to a continually shifting community environment.

“Cassi’s leadership helped Housing Assistance excel in getting relief dollars out the door and become a trusted resource in providing frontline feedback and best practice advice to legislators and state government,” said Alisa Magnotta, CEO of Housing Assistance Corporation.

While much of the nation has been slow to provide relief to renters struggling to stay housed, Housing Assistance has embraced its role as the regional administrator for federal and state financial assistance programs, including ERAP (Emergency Rental Assistance Program), ERMA (Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance), RAFT (Residential Assistance for Families in Transition), and Barnstable County HOME Funds, all of which provide critical rental assistance to prevent homelessness and keep individuals and families stably housed.

From March 23, 2020 through August 20, 2021, Housing Assistance has awarded just under $4.3 million in rental assistance to 868 households in every town on Cape Cod as well as Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. The average financial award has been nearly $5,000 per household.

“Cassi’s promotion to Senior VP of Programs and Client Services, along with other promotions from within our organization, will position us well to respond to an anticipated in increase in requests for housing assistance,” added Magnotta. “We often have an increase in requests for help during the off-season on Cape Cod. This year, we expect those requests to increase due to the end of supplemental unemployment insurance benefits and the eviction moratorium,” added Magnotta.

Other promotions at the agency include Paula Mallard, who has been promoted into a new role of Vice President of Homeless Services. Paula will expand her work of overseeing our homeless shelters. Housing Assistance has relied on Paula’s years of experience and thoughtful leadership during the pandemic. She has been instrumental in ensuring that Housing Assistance and our shelters remained responsive to the families experiencing homelessness.

Ann Marie Peters has been promoted to Director of Individual Homeless Services. She will oversee Housing Assistance’s Homeless Outreach and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs. Her years of experience and content expertise will continue to be an asset to our community as we navigate the impact of our local housing crisis.

Finally, Heidi Archibald has been promoted to Director of our Housing Consumer Education Center and will oversee our Intake, Housing Counseling/Education, and Financial Assistance Programs. She will work alongside Cassi to ensure continued access to these vital resources as the region deals with the impact of the pandemic and beyond.

Along with financial assistance, Housing Assistance has a host of other programs that can assist residents access safe, stable housing at this time. If you need help, contact Housing Assistance Corporation at 508-771-5400 or hac@haconcapecod.org.