Featuring Art by Cape Cod Second Graders

home is where the heart isThe gallery below featured selected drawings from an exhibition of works by Cape Cod second graders to illustrate the prompt, “What home means to me” on 8.5×11 paper in marker, pencil and crayon. The pictures feature a range of ideas, from literal depictions of a house and floor plan to drawings that connect with the essence of what a home means—family, joy, safety, happiness, love.

Housing Assistance created the exhibit in June, 2023 in collaboration with the Cape and Islands Educator Action Network after a discussion about the protracted housing crisis and the homelessness we see in Cape schools. Cherian Armstrong, a counselor at Monomoy Regional High School, coordinated with classroom teachers; Housing Assistance designed and built the display.

“The artwork reminds us why we advocate for housing—to ensure children have homes to grow from, parents have stable housing to go to work from, and so grandparents can age in place,” Housing Assistance CEO Alisa Magnotta said. “This is what makes a house a home and a neighborhood a community.”