Angel House client Amanda and her two children.

One day before her 31st birthday last December, Amanda* entered treatment to deal with her addiction to alcohol.

For Amanda, she had reached her lowest point. “I knew my way wasn’t working,” she said. “I avoided the important things I had to do, even if it was paying bills, paying rent, or paying my insurance. I just avoided all of the adult things I should have been responsible for.”

A little more than a month later, Amanda found herself at Housing Assistance’s Angel House treatment program/shelter in Hyannis. A little more than a week later, Amanda’s daughter and son joined her.

They have been at the shelter ever since as Amanda has taken steps to maintain her sobriety and become the parent and person she always knew she could be.

Admittedly, Amanda’s journey hasn’t been easy. “I came from a childhood where I didn’t have the right leadership,” she said.

“I’m beyond grateful. I owe a lot to Angel House. I will always remember that when I leave here.” — Amanda

Despite those obstacles, Angel House Director Lin Rohr says that Amanda is on the right path. “She is amazing,” Rohr said. “She recognizes she is the one that has to make the changes. That is huge in recovery having that acceptance. She has come so far, and she has changed, and she has grown.”

Over the past 10 months, Amanda said that Angel House has helped her discover who “I am as a person. I really like who I am. That is irreplaceable. I am 31 years old and am going to be 32 in December and am really happy with the person I am today.”

Recently, Amanda landed a job at a nursery school. Her dream is to one day open her own childcare center.

As she nears the end of her time at Angel House, Amanda’s goals are simple, but important. “I want to have our own home with me and my kids. I want to be able to have a job I love and further my education and help my kids with their education,” she said. “I want my kids to be happy and be there for them physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want to be a good role model for them.

“I always thought I didn’t deserve a lot. I always settled for less,” she continued. Angel House has taught her that wanting more in life is a good thing.

“The past ten months, it’s meant everything to be able to have this place. It is me and my kids in a room. This is our home,” she said. “I’m beyond grateful. …I owe a lot to Angel House. I will always remember that when I leave here.”

*Amanda’s name has been changed to protect her identity.