Housing Assistance Energy Auditor Joshua Trott.

Michelle’s mom has lived in the same Hyannis house since 1976. Now at the age of 83, her needs are greater and having a safe, comfortable home where she can age in place is important.

That is why a recent audit offered through Housing Assistance’s Energy Department was not only beneficial, it was necessary. “She is a cardiac patient and you have to keep the house at a consistent temperature, whether you’re heating it in the winter or keeping it cool in the summer,” Michelle said. “Energy efficiency is key to keeping her comfortable.”

As part of the audit, Housing Assistance identified areas of the house where improvements could be made and Michelle’s mother could reduce her energy usage and save on utility costs. It included replacing all light bulbs with energy efficient ones as well as a new refrigerator to replace her older, inefficient one.

In the knee-wall attic, our Energy Department worked with Cape Cod Insulation in South Yarmouth, to add insulation; in the basement, they installed foam plus weatherization gaskets around the bulkhead door; and throughout the home, they air sealed all possible gaps.

“They checked everything, from the top of the attic down to the basement,” Michelle said.

Housing Assistance Energy Auditor Joshua Trott conducts the final inspection.

The last step took place when Housing Assistance Energy Auditor Joshua Trott conducted a final inspection to make sure the work was done properly. “We want to make sure we didn’t miss anything,” Joshua said outside the home. “This work helps save money on heating bills by keeping their home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.”

Since the work was completed, Michelle said, “we’ve noticed a change in the temperature in the house. We’ve been able to turn the thermostat down without my mom complaining.

“This program is really terrific, and everyone was very professional, helpful, and explained everything,” she continued. “Anyone receiving fuel assistance should have this audit.”

Interested in an energy audit? Residents in Barnstable and Dukes County should contact Cape Light Compact at 800-797-6699 today. Those in Wareham and Nantucket should contact Suzanne Smith at 508-771-5400, ext. 123. Learn more about our energy efficiency programs by clicking this link