At Housing Assistance, we’ve always said that housing is the foundation for everything a person wants in their life. Before we can build toward our dreams, we need to have a safe place to call home.

This year especially, the pandemic made clear we need a place to call home in order to be safe, happy, and healthy. It also highlighted our region’s extreme lack of affordable rental housing and national inequities in housing opportunities.

But this year also gave us many things to celebrate. Our caring community stepped up, and I want to thank our supporters and staff for all you have accomplished for our neighbors in need in this most challenging year.

When the stay-at-home orders were issued, the need for housing services exploded, and Housing Assistance rose to the occasion. Thanks to our stable and close-knit community of staff, we were able to move quickly to remote working, to meet the increasing demand for services and do more than we have ever done, to advocate for our region’s fair share of housing relief funds, and to innovate with new programming and new resources.

We know we have a difficult winter ahead of us, with COVID-19 cases on the increase, and the end of the eviction moratorium looming.

Whatever the future holds, with your continued support, Housing Assistance will always be here for our neighbors in need.

Thank you!

Alisa Magnotta, CEO

Just a few of Housing Assistance’s accomplishments this year. 

Infographic featuring some of Housing Assistance's accomplishments in 2020.