Yarn_Photo_Edited.jpgMary (left) and Ron Weishaar of A Great Yarn hold up one the donated blankets with HAC’s Deanna Bussiere. 

A spool of yarn doesn’t become a blanket, scarf or hat without a little time, care and devotion. Earlier this year, nearly 100 Lower Cape residents provided just that as part of a project aimed at supporting the region’s homeless population.

“A lot of love and a lot of creativity went into these,” said Ron Weishaar in May, when he and his wife Mary, dropped off 29 homemade blankets as well as several hats and scarves that went to those in HAC’s homeless shelters.

The Weishaars, owners of A Great Yarn in Chatham, allowed their customers to use their store space and unused yarn at the beginning of the year, to create the crafts as part of a community-wide knit-a-thon. In addition, they helped collect $1,500 that went to assist HAC in helping those most in need.

Support for the project came from those near and far, including second homeowners in California and Florida, who shipped panels, or individuals sections of the blankets, via mail. “This is one of the panels from California,” Mary said, holding up a finished blanket. “The reason I know that is this was a very dreary day when I opened this up and it just spoke sunshine.”

The Chatham store’s customers were more than eager to add a little brightness to the lives of Cape Cod’s homeless men and women. “They knew these people needed help,” said Mary. “And they were glad it was going to people on the Cape.”

The Weishaars said their only goal was to “whip up a lot of enthusiasm” and it was their customers who did the rest of the work in creating the pieces.

“You definitely succeeded,” HAC’s event and resource development coordinator Deanna Bussiere told the Weishaars. “This is amazing.”

After dropping off the donations, the Weishaars had a chance to visit the NOAH Shelter in Hyannis, to see who some of their gifts would benefit. “I know our clients will definitely appreciate this,” Bussiere assured them.