Frank_Hallice_Bill_Johnson.jpgFrank Hallice (left) and Bill Johnson spent a few hours hanging new blinds at the NOAH Shelter in January. The blinds were paid for by the Cotuit Federated Church. 

Sometimes the smallest acts of charity can have the largest impact.

And so it is with the Cotuit Federated Church which has made minor upgrades to the NOAH Shelter in recent months that have helped improve the comfort of those staying there.

It started in November, when Bill Johnson of Mashpee was joined by several other church parishioners in putting up 60 coat hooks over all the beds at the shelter.

Johnson returned to the shelter in January when he was accompanied by Frank Hallice, also of Mashpee, as they installed 20 new blinds over the windows.

Greg Bar, NOAH director, expressed gratitude for the church’s willingness to assist the shelter and its guests in such a way. “It seems like this is a small kind of thing, but having blinds on the windows is a privacy issue and helps create a feeling of safety,” Bar said. “I think so highly of them for doing this.”

Both Johnson and Hallice deflected such praise, saying it was their way of giving back.

“I do it because I want to,” Hallice explained. “I don’t expect anything back. I guess it’s in my nature to help… Does it make you feel good? Yes. You’d be inhuman if you said it didn’t. It’s like shoveling an old lady’s walkway. You do it because you should.”