Understanding the connection between housing and employment, Housing Assistance is partnering with Secure Jobs Initiative of Southeastern Massachusetts SER-Jobs for Progress, Inc. to support our clients most in need by giving them access to the Secure Jobs Initiative.

Geared towards those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, the program provides a wide-range of services including resume writing and job search as well as financial assistance to help clients overcome potential barriers to landing and maintaining a job.

“This will allow our families and individuals most in need the ability to access additional resources to become self-sufficient,” said HAC Director of Family and Individuals Services Cassi Danzl.

Lubelia Raposo, the program coordinator for SER-Jobs, said the goal this first year is to connect nearly two dozen HAC clients to jobs. Now in her fifth year at SER-Jobs, Raposo has seen the impact her nonprofit can have on the region’s most vulnerable. “It is a humbling experience and one that makes you very proud when you see people succeed,” she said.

SER-Jobs has been selected as the recipient of this year’s Human Service Partner Award. They will be recognized at our 45th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, May 8. To purchase tickets, click this link.