HAC UPDATE: July 23, 2020 6:00 PM

We’re happy to report that the Commission acknowledged the importance of climate change and the need to urgently address it, but rather than accepting a proposed climate change amendment piecemeal, they voted to empower the Commission staff to implement a robust process to develop a regional Climate Action Plan.  As previously noted, HAC agrees that addressing climate change is critical to the future of our region, and we are glad that the Commission voted to take action. A subcommittee will be formed to create to recommend amendments to the Regional Policy Plan and a climate action plan that include a greenhouse gas reduction goal, objectives and corresponding technical guidance within 180 days.

We are grateful for everyone who submitted letters and emails to the Commission, and some even joined the Commission public meeting. Your participation has helped to ensure that as a region, we can move forward with effective climate change planning in a manner that involves all stakeholders and balances the economic, housing, and environmental goals for our region. As an agency, we are committed to protecting our natural resources and providing the critical housing that our region needs.






JULY 16, 2020
(Additional comment and support added by CCIAOR July 21, 2020)

The Housing Assistance Corporation and the Association to Preserve Cape Cod are coauthoring this letter to provide an integrated perspective on petitioned amendments to the Regional Policy Plan. Our organizations share goals for housing, the environment and climate change and the Cape Cod Commission’s mission of keeping a special place special. We hope you will consider our comments and our suggestion for alternative action.

Not that long ago housing and environmental protection efforts on Cape Cod were at a point of absolute and perpetual conflict. The Regional Policy Plan has helped change that discussion by providing a framework for considering how to address the challenges threatening the unique qualities of the region stated in the Cape Cod Commission Act.

APCC and HAC are walking the walk. We are partnering on a project to map appropriate places for density on Cape Cod consistent with your new RPP’s Activity Center approach. This is an example of working together to make meaningful and complimentary progress. We all know the benefits of compact development. Stopping sprawl development is one step to combat climate change and allow for more diversity in our housing inventory, but there are other steps that can and should be undertaken to address the threat of climate change to the benefit of all our constituents.

We fully support the climate initiative and the effort to produce a Climate Action Plan now underway by the CCC. We feel it will result in a data-driven and actionable plan producing measurable results. With that, we propose a conciliatory path to action that incorporates the effort of all parties concerned with the long term future of Cape Cod.

  • We propose that a vote on the amendments be postponed for 180 days.
  • We suggest the Commission appoint a sub-committee to work with staff to engage the community and stakeholders identified in the RPP sections of the Cape Cod Commission Act to complete the Climate Action Plan and develop refined amendments to the RPP that reflect the new Climate Action Plan.
  • In 180 days, the Commission can consider the amendments currently before them and additional amendments developed through the sub-committee and the Climate Initiative Process.

Our hope is that a broad consensus can be achieved through this process on the best and most effective manner to amend the RPP. We believe our suggestion will strengthen the cause for climate action in harmony with other goals of the RPP, including but not limited to the development of low -to-mid income housing. Thank you for your consideration.


Andrew Gottlieb, Executive Director, Association to Preserve Cape Cod

Alisa Magnotta, President/CEO,  Housing Assistance Corporation


7/21/2020 – The Cape Cod and Islands Association of REALTORS® (CCIAOR) adds its support to this request for 180 day postponement of the vote to allow an inclusive, balanced and thorough approach to planning for climate resiliency, one of the most important challenges facing our region.


Ryan Castle
Cape Cod and Islands Association of REALTORS® (CCIAOR)
Chief Executive Officer