Since Housing Assistance’s Big Fix-A-Thon started in 2010, each year has taken on a slightly different personality.

This month, more than 300 volunteers will tackle a range of small improvement projects at 16 homes in Hyannis and Centerville. Like previous Big Fix-A-Thons, all recipients are homeowners who are seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

Project Coordinator Romy Maimon said all but three of this year’s recipients have some disability which is higher than normal. This includes one homeowner who is blind, another who has ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and a third with neurological issues.

“I think the impact this year will be greater than usual because of that,” Romy said.

The oldest of this year’s recipients is Douglas Knotts, who turned 98 in August. He will have landscaping work done in his Centerville yard.

Age will also play a factor with one of the homes volunteers work on in Hyannis; it was built in the 1700s, making it among the oldest houses that has ever been a part of the annual event.

The one constant among those chosen for this year’s Big Fix-A-Thon is – all the recipients are grateful for the community’s willingness to help them with tasks that will have a meaningful impact on their lives.