Adrienne Gonsalves Check Photo resized 600Jan Nelson presents Adrienne Gonsalves with a mock-up of the check she received in August as reward for her completion of the Family Self-Sufficiency program.

Like most people Adrienne Gonsalves has long-wanted to have a home to call her own. In March, she took a major step toward attaining that goal when she graduated from HAC’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program which provides financial incentives for those receiving federal and state assistance to increase their salaries.

After four years in the program, Gonsalves earned just over $18,000 that included her own savings along with money provided to her by the government.

In May, the 36-year-old Gonsalves, whose daughter Torienne attends Barnstable High School, was featured in a HACbeat article that detailed how her completion of the FSS program was about to make her dream of homeownership become a reality.

Gonsalves returned to HAC in August to claim an additional reward for her hard work, a $5,000 check from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development that went towards her down payment and closing costs for a home in Cotuit she purchased later that month.

“It is so exciting,” said Gonsalves, unable to hide her smile.

When asked about the place she would be moving into shortly, she said, “I love it. It will be home to me. It looks like a little dollhouse. It is so cute.”

Gonsalves worked with Gael Kelleher in HAC’s real estate division to find the home.

And she was the beneficiary of a new state program that provides an additional $5,000 to those who complete the FSS program and are purchasing their first home. She represents the first client that Jan Nelson, the administrator for HAC’s FSS program, has worked with who has taken advantage of this benefit.

She is also only the second client in the past seven years that Nelson has overseen FSS to ever purchase a home.

“Just to see the strides Adrienne has made is incredible,” Nelson said, highlighting the power behind the FSS program. “I think people are so in awe that somebody cares for them enough to give them this money.”

And as the one who serves as the bearer of that good news, Nelson could not be happier. “I really do have the best job,” she said.