Mason Small, Lynn resized 600Lynn Mason-Small

True celebrities exude a certain swagger. That is certainly the case with Lynn Mason-Small and Rana Murphy who both shrugged off any notion of nervousness when asked about their upcoming participation as HAC’s celebrity walkers for the 22nd Annual Bob Murray Housing with Love Walk.

“I’m not sure I need to train,” laughed a confident Mason-Small, the senior vice president of Rogers & Gray Insurance in Dennis.

It was a similar response from Murphy, the senior vice president of Eastern Bank, who termed herself an “exercise fiend,” with a marathon and several half-marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks under her belt.

Though the pair have never participated in the annual walk before, they were excited to do so on behalf of those who are unable to this year. People can support Mason-Small, who will walk on Wednesday afternoon, and Murphy, who will do so on Thursday morning, by making a donation to HAC via this link in their name.

Mason-Small noted that despite her being a novice to the walk, Rogers & Gray has long been a supporter of not only the event, but HAC as well. “Our CEO Chuck Robinson does a lot of volunteer work with HAC and we feel the need to support this because we firmly believe in it,” she said. “And certainly with Bob Murray’s passing this is the least we can do to support his housing efforts on Cape Cod.”

Rana Murphy Head shot resized 600Rana Murphy

“What a great way to give back to the community and keep Bob Murray’s contributions to housing on Cape Cod alive,” Murphy added. “The walk not only gives back to HAC, but to all the housing agencies across the Cape.”

As for her status as a “celebrity walker” Murphy downplayed such talk and stressed she is not letting the fame go to her head. “I don’t consider myself a celebrity in any sense,” she said. “I’ve lived in this community for 25 years and as someone who has sat on a lot of boards I feel like you can not live in a community and not give back to it. I think that is how we make our community better and stronger every day. It is all of our responsibilities to give back and give back in the way you want.”

Mason-Small shared those sentiments and was humble enough to not consider herself a celebrity either. “That might be a little bit of an overstatement,” she said, though she did say for those interested she would be willing to take photos with them – perhaps even a selfie – while she walks. “I don’t know about autographs though,” she laughed. “Actually, I’m just excited to do my part.”