Megan Amsler Photo

Megan Amsler

HAC welcomed two new board members, Megan Amsler of Falmouth, and Kimberly Denis of South Yarmouth, to its ranks in April.

The pair expressed a passion for helping HAC ensure there is sufficient affordable housing for all Cape Codders.

Amsler, who serves as the executive director of Cape & Islands Self Reliance Corporation, has an interest in energy efficiency and how it can be used to increase the affordability of homes on Cape Cod. “There is a clear tie between energy and affordable housing,” she said. “I want to make sure homes are well-performing, energy efficient and well-insulated so that renewable energy plays a large part in the affordable housing stock in this region.”

Born in Wellfleet, Amsler was raised on an organic farm in upstate New York. The importance of sustainable living has stuck with Amsler who tends to her own organic farm in Falmouth where she raises chickens, grows vegetables and owns horses. “I try to provide as much of my own food as possible,” she said.

Her daughter Maya, 10, plays a role in the farm’s success: “she sells the eggs around the neighborhood,” Amsler said.

She also has an 18-year-old son Kiernan who will be enrolling in the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in the fall.

Along with her new role on HAC’s executive board, Amsler is active in the community, serving as co-chair of the Falmouth Energy Committee, treasurer of the Cape & Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative and is Falmouth’s alternate representative to the Cape Light Compact.

Kimberly Denis HeadshotKimberly Denis

Denis, the executive director of the Consumer Assistance Council (CAC), is a relative newcomer to Cape Cod, moving here with her husband Pierre a little over a year ago.

She too has ties to upstate New York, most recently serving as the executive director for the Montgomery County Office for Aging in Amsterdam.

The move to Cape Cod, she said, was made “because my husband and I want to retire in a coastal community someday.” The couple has two children, Joshua and Aubrey, who both live in Kentucky.

She too was eager to assist HAC in its mission. “We at the Consumer Assistance Council deal with quite a few vulnerable populations on the Cape and I felt this could dovetail into HAC,” she said. “It is important to me that people have decent affordable housing. Everybody deserves to live in a clean, safe and secure home.”