Housing counselors at Housing Assistance Corporation who are focused on helping people on Cape Cod and the Islands with foreclosure questions and issues know that the foreclosure crisis is not over. Properties that are being put into the process of foreclosure continue to be listed in local newspapers.

The GOOD news is that it is not hopeless. Homeowners need to call and make an appointment with a counselor as soon as they think they may have a problem or concern with paying their mortgage. The sooner a counselor can start helping the better. The counseling services are free for ALL households. 

People that have applied for modifications in the past also need to come in and see a counselor.  THE RULES and GUIDELINES have changed over the past 5 years in the modification process. Counselors have seen modifications granted to homeowners first applied three or more years ago and were originally denied. This proves the homeowner needs to be persistent and continue to work through the arduous process with the lender. Counselors are here to help!

People that applied and got denied in the past may qualify for a modification under the new rules. Homeowners need to call and make an appointment with a HAC counselor at 508-771-5400.

Housing Assistance Corporation also works closely with the Attorney General’s Office on foreclosure issues and helping homeowners.