Foreclosure counseling is free at Housing Assistance Corporation for anyone whose primary residence is on Cape Cod or the Islands. There are no income or mortgage limits.

HAC staffers explain mortgage options and the foreclosure process. They can then assist in preparing mortgage-modification request paperwork and submit the paperwork.

HAC can empower homeowners to speak with their lender and review the correspondence
from the lender.

HAC provides homeowners with debt-management counseling and on alternative housing options.

HAC is the only HUD-approved housing counseling agency serving Cape Cod and the Islands; and it has a contract and a close working relationship with the Attorney General’s office, plus over 15 years experience in mortgage foreclosure counseling.

When is the best time to contact HAC about counseling? If you are current with your
mortgage but are concerned that you won’t be able to keep up; or if your mortgage payment is past due.

Also contact HAC for counseling if your lender has sent a letter demanding money by a certain date or if an attorney has sent you a letter about your mortgage.

HAC is also the place to turn if you had little or no success trying to work things out with your lender.

Beware of foreclosure rescue scams. Avoid anyone asking for a fee in advance. Remember:
Friends don’t let friends pay for foreclosure prevention counseling. Refer family and friends to HAC.

To set up an appointment with a HAC counselor, call Liz Belcher at 508-771-5400 at extension
210 or by e-mail at