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When I started working at Housing Assistance Corporation and the NOAH Shelter in 2011, I had no idea how many lives I would see changed for the better because of the work of the NOAH Shelter and the team of dedicated folks who work here.

Every single day, 365 days a year, NOAH makes a difference in at least one person’s  life­ whether it means providing someone  with a meal that they have gone without for many days; giving someone a warm, dry place to sleep; helping  with health care needs; working with someone to secure a job; or helping someone find a place to live- NOAH changes lives.

That is why my run in this year’s Falmouth Road Race on August 11 will be dedicated to the NOAH Shelter.  Proceeds from my run will help support not only the food and materials needed to provide for homeless folks in crisis, but will also help us continue to operate some of our most critical programs- work search and housing assistance.   All of the people who use the NOAH Shelter are encouraged to use our employment search and housing search programs. Last year we helped 68 people find jobs and 167 people move out of the shelter and into housing!

I hope that you will choose to sponsor me either by sending a check made payable to the NOAH Shelter or donate on-line.  All donations are tax deductible, and your generosity will play a role in NOAH’s efforts to combat homelessness in our community.

Thank you so much for your support and I will think of you proudly as I pound the pavement!

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