Jim Peck of HAC’s Energy and Home Repairs Department and Kevin Shea of Emerson-Swan (a company that makes heating and HVAC equipment) led a training session for HAC energy staffers and contractors last month. About 30 people attended the session, which included basic training on heat-load calculation and a demonstration of hand-held combustion analyzers.
energy training 021313
HAC’s state-certified auditors conduct free energy assessments that help people understand and reduce their energy use. HAC conducts the energy assessments for low-income homeowners and tenants and serves as a Home Performance Contractor to oversee assessments for other homeowners.

HAC performs the assessments and offers incentives on behalf of Cape Light Compact. To sign up, visit HAC’s web site or call Cape Light Compact at 1-800-797-6699.
In a recent year, HAC’s energy team:
•conducted energy audits on 357 homes to reduce electrical use,
•installed money and energy saving weatherization measures in nearly 325 single family homes,
•weatherized 75 rental units,
•repaired or replaced 649 heating systems, and
•replaced 187 wasteful old refrigerators with Energy Star models

To learn more about HAC’s Energy and Home Repairs Program, call 508-771-5400, ext. 123.