After 27 years of serving at Housing Assistance Corporation, Rick Brigham is setting out to begin what he’s calling Act Three. “I came to HAC at the age of 32,” he said. “With a few more decades to go, it’s time to allow all that I have gathered to coalesce towards the vision for which I have long hoped.

During ministerial work early in his career, he realized that working with “Neighbors in Need” was core to his life mission. Rick joined the staff of the NOAH Shelter in 1985. In his time with NOAH, Rick worked as direct care worker, housing specialist, facility director, social services coordinator, program director and finally as resource development coordinator. In addition to varying management responsibilities, his initiatives included pioneering the housing specialist role for individuals, implementing the Barnstable Interfaith Council Prevention Program, developing new resources and innovative responses for men and women in need and pioneering and directing the NOAH Telethon.

The seeds of Act Three began during his development work, where he saw the possibilities of engaging members of faith communities in ways that were “labor-easy” and, yet, could provide lasting solutions that would not only stabilize the neighbor in need in their day to day, but enhance their spirituality and their life in community. With the support of several faith community leaders, Rick is developing this new “ministerial business,” All Needs Met, in the hopes that “Engaging the Many to Help the Few” will result in easier roads for those in need and greater satisfaction for those who would help them.

Rick Brigham can be reached at or 774-487-9155.