Rick PresbreyEditorial by: Rick Presbrey, HAC CEO/Founder

One of the blessings of getting older is beginning to figure out who you really are. The young ask, “What am I going to be when I grow up?” During middle-age we ask ourselves, “Who am I?”  And for sure, late in life, we find out. If it isn’t all bad, it is pretty nice to know and to learn to accept who you are.

So it is with institutions and so, then, is it with HAC. HAC is a middle-aged agency asking itself the question, “Who or what are we?”

Are we a housing organization? Or are we a social service organization? Are we concerned about the environment? Are we concerned about growth? Energy? Jobs? Water quality?

Do we do too many different things? Would we do a better job if we didn’t try to do too much? Is it good to try, as we do, to be all things (housing) to all people?

If, as the Supreme Court has decided, corporations are people, then we exist as a collection of people – paid staff, volunteers, funders and donors, all in the process of acting out who we are. What I see, or at least hope I see, is a large group, all of whom are concerned about our local and global worlds. As such, we try to act responsibly and honestly in addressing the problems that we are directly (housing) and indirectly responsible for addressing. We try to be responsible for careful use of our funds, for careful stewardship of our services to cause the greatest positive result, and to do it all with concern for all people and the environments (economic, social and natural) in which we all exist.

We are chartered, as are most nonprofits, as an educational organization. Without question our most important product is information and we believe that the more information the better. Hence, 21 years of monthly HACBeats.

I haven’t answered my original question, but in time we will know the answer. I do know that we know housing and need to do more of what we do and do it better.