10 simple ways to save energy on Cape Cod and beyond

  1. Set thermostat at 68 F/day and 55F/night. Hot water 120F. (Close off unused rooms)
  2. Set A/C at 78 F during the day and keep windows closed and lower the shades to keep the heat outside in the summer. In the evening, open windows and turn on fans to cool off house.
  3. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs and turn lights off if room is empty.
  4. Use low-flow kitchen faucets and shower heads. Air or towel dry your dishes.
  5. Laundry: Wash full loads. Use second spin cycle. Use warm or cold water cycles only. Dry clothes on line outside or on drying rack. Use dryer sparingly e.g. 5 min. to soften fabric.
  6. Turn off computer and monitor if not in use.
  7. Plug home electronics into power strips. Turn off power strips when equipment is not used.
  8. Take short showers (5 minutes) instead of baths.
  9. Make sure freezer compartment is full. You can add water filled milk cartons to use up any empty space.
  10. Sign up for a Free Energy Assessment through HAC. Click the green button below.