One piece of the puzzle in solving Cape Cod’s housing crisis is the construction of new affordable housing. Housing Assistance has built almost 600 units since we were founded and another 218 units are in the development pipeline.

Brewster Woods

Construction was completed in 2022 on this project with 30 affordable rentals. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will occur in 2023. This is the latest project in Housing Assistance’s long-running collaboration with Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH). 

LeClair Village Apartments (Mashpee) 

With project financing complete, construction will begin in early 2023 on 39 affordable units. The project is named after Mary LeClair of Mashpee, a former Barnstable County Commissioner and longtime champion of Housing Assistance. 

107 Main Street (Orleans) 

With local permitting finalized, fundraising continues for a planned development with 14 affordable units. The site is a 1.3 acre parcel that was formerly the home of a Masonic Lodge. 

Cape View Way (Bourne) 

With funding from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development confirmed in December 2022, this unit is moving forward. Another joint project with POAH, this project will add 42 affordable apartments to Bourne. 

“There’s an overwhelming need for affordable housing on Cape Cod. I like the fact that Housing Assistance is approaching it from a couple of different directions. They’re in the business of producing affordable housing, but there’s also the awareness angle. How do we make the public aware that this is not a problem that fixes itself or just goes away? Affordable housing doesn’t generate itself. It has to be encouraged.”  – Tony Shepley, president of Shepley Wood Products