Housing Assistance's 50-Mile Challenge Graphic

They may have playfully dubbed themselves Team Molasses, but Housing Assistance Projects Assistant Heather Ferris and her roommate Jackie Avery have committed themselves to running or walking a minimum of 50 miles, from July 1 through September 1.

The pair are among 18 people participating in the challenge which has set a $25,000 fundraising goal in support of our housing programs.

“One of the reasons I wanted to do this fundraiser is just seeing the impact our organization makes,” said Ferris, who has worked at Housing Assistance since last fall. “There are so many different ways Housing Assistance really helps the community. I’m never at a loss for words telling people why our work is important and why affordable housing is necessary here.”

Several of Ferris’ colleagues have signed up for the challenge, including Assistant Director of Development Catherine Baker who is admittedly not much of a runner. Still, she has committed to logging 50 miles this summer because she said, “I want to help my neighbors in need during this difficult time. I believe in Housing Assistance and the great work we do in serving Cape Cod and the Islands.”