ADUs are a Win for Homeowners, Renters, and Our Community

ADUs are not a standalone solution for our housing crisis but they are an important tool that will enable us to quickly add year-round rental housing while we also pursue longer-term developments. Over the past 18 months, we have seen businesses cut operating hours, prices increase, and supply and services reduced dramatically—all due to the inability to hire staff because there is no place affordable for our workforce to rent. We must act now.

Benefits of ADUs

  • ADUs can be permitted and built quickly in a matter of months – that’s the speed we need to address our urgent housing crisis

  • Bylaws require year-round leases so they won’t be diverted to short-term rentals

  • Built within existing wastewater limitations and with minimal tree clearing

  • Optimize the use of existing single-family homes

  • Blend into the neighborhood context
  • Enable homeowners to generate income from what is usually their single largest asset
  • Can be built without significant public investment
  • Create flexibility in home use as a homeowner’s needs change throughout their life
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The High Cost of Doing Nothing – What’s at Stake?

If we do nothing…

If we take action…